Back again

I have not posted anything here for a while. I go a bit fed up with doing this but here we go again.

What's been happening? We have been working on our house purchase. This should be wrapped up early in the New Year and we'll have to move again. Hopefully this will be a more permanent move than the one's we have had to do recently.

Jordan is looking for somewhere of his own, a flat/house/warehouse share. He's looking at a place tonight I think.

We went to see the new James Bond movie - Casino Royale. It was too long the beginning was good but it rapidly lost the plot. We also went to see Pans Labyrinth. This is a really good film and well worth a look.

Christmas soon. We are going to Norfolk, more on this later.

8.12.06 17:54

Neighbours swearwords

Have you ever noticed on Neighbours the characters swear using some strange words?

Here is a small sample:

  1. Hufta
  2. Spiggin'
  3. Spiggin' hufta
  4. Bogan
  5. Bludger

What's that all about then?

6.11.06 17:53


It's Monday.

I have a day of meetings.

My wife is out tonight at her book group. They are reading her story tonight and giving feedback.


It's misty over the the river.

Throats. If you ever thought that human beings are the result of some kind of intelligent design then consider your throat.

Who in their right mind would design something that needs to have air, liquid and solids put in but needs these items to go to different end points.

You would not want your lunch in your lungs or your breath in your stomach would you? No.

Next time you get a throat infection see how easy it is to get your throat/breathing functions confused. Also one of the causes of death of some terminally ill people is choking on food that goes down the wrong way due to loss of throat control.

How many other bits of your body are designed to do more than one thing or combine a number of different functions?

The human throat definitely indicates some mid-point in evolution rather than a completed design.

In the far distant future human beings will have seperate methods for speaking, eating and beathing.

Please send your sketches.


6.11.06 08:05

The tide is high

High tide at the moment. The harbour master's boat just went past, fast. The Sunday rowers were out this morning from the rowing club.

My wife is going to go for a run now but I'm not, still a bit coughy but nearly done.

By tomorrow I think I'll be back in the gym for some light refreshment.

I am going to sign up for a 10K run there is one in Battersea Park in February.

Got to have tagets in life.

When my wife gets back we are going to walk to Canary Wharf to get lunch.

Jordan is still away I suppose he will be back tonight.

We are going to buy some plastic containers in John Lewis, like Tupperware to put the soup in that I made last night.

There is some concern here that the soup could become contaminated if not stored properly and we might get food poisoning.


5.11.06 11:34

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Paul Young is on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He looks overweight and sweaty.

Benylin - Tickly Coughs, contains  Glycerol, 3.86 ml liquid sugar, Liquid Glocose, Sucrose, Purified Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate. The sugar and glucose may be harmful to teeth. What part of this concotion is good for curing coughs?

Curing a cough just results in poor dental hygiene and massive weight gain.

Coffee and lunch at Canary Wharf tomorrow afternoon. 

4.11.06 23:37


At last I am recovering from this cough. It has been quite tiresome. It is still not quite gone and I am fully expecting to be kept awake again tonight. Last night I slept on the sofa.

Of course I use the word slept reservedly.

I must be improving I am getting restless. TV tonight is as usual dreadful. We have decided to watch Master and Commander. A film about men on a ship doing things a long time ago.

"Sand and broken shell!" They shout.

It's fireworks night tomorrow so of course all the big displays are on tonight. We could see the display over in Blackheath from the balcony. Looked like a lot of money had been spent on it.

There were others across the water as well but not as impressive. There is a big pall of smoke across there.

I have not been to the gym for a week. It's going to be interesting going back. I'll have to take it easy for about a week. I want to do another 10K run in the new year so need to get training again.

We had soup for dinner tonight. I made it with a barley, lentil and dried pea mixture. Heated in a pressure cooker with potato, parsnip, some shallots, spring onion, herbs and spices and vegetable stock cubes.

Served with some excellent bread and sprouted radish seeds which were hot and tasty.

Time for a bourbon.

It's cold out.

4.11.06 21:43


There have been a few tugs on the river this morning moving (tugging?) barges with domestic waste on.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Recycle? Don't consume. 

3.11.06 08:05

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